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Gem, the writer (5)

UGH. That stomach clenching question from well-meaning relatives.

Does that question fill you with dread? It does me.


Hi, I’m Gemma. (That’s me in the circle!)

I’m a Literature graduate working a minimum-wage job in a warehouse. The plan was to work a no-brainer job while I figured out what I really wanted to do with my degree. Teaching? Journalism? Publishing? My head went over every path I could take.

But my gut? My gut said, screw this… TRAVEL!

At this time in my life (young, free, restless) the thought of getting stuck on a corporate ladder is super scary. I want to see the world and, even more than that, I want to write.

Maybe you’re like me, wrestling between wanting to pursue your passion and paying the bills. Maybe your 9-5 leaves you feeling drained and unfulfilled. Do you want to take back control over your time? Do you want the freedom to create your own schedule, set your own pace and work from anywhere in the world?

Me too, friend, me too. The solution?Gem, the writerSo simple, yet so daunting.

But, where to start?

There’s multitudes of information out there. It’s enough to make you cry NOPE and hide in a blanket fort with your cat. For too long I’ve let self doubt creep in and keep me from taking the first steps. But fortune favours the brave (clichéd I know, but so true!)

So, after finally giving myself a firm kick up the arse, I’m diving in head first on this journey to self-employment. Come along for the ride as I share the epic-fails and sweet-successes along the way.

Like-minded peeps, where you at? If you’re on a similar journey (at any stage) I want to follow you! Creating a supportive network and sharing resources and inspiration is the fast-track to success!Gem, the writer (1)if_mail_287692   if_twitter_287628   if_pinterest_287676   if_goodreads_287723